About me

花正寰,來自臺灣台北的創意設計師。目前專注於網頁、手機介面設計及部分前端語法撰寫等工作。對於HTML5, CSS3 和 CMS 系統內容管理擁有豐富經驗。曾擔任ASUS台灣、Disney台灣與香港官方網站管理師,同時執行多項網頁設計專案。現職為華碩電腦-開放雲端 軟體開發處-平台開發課-使用者行為設計組-網頁設計師,負責公司外部網頁設計和前端語法撰寫。平時興趣是籃球、遊戲、音樂及電影。

Cheng Huan Hua, a creative designer from Taipei. Specialized in web design, graphic design, hand-drawn and computer illustration. Experienced in HTML5, CSS3, and CMS systems. Used to work as Web Project Manager for ASUS TW, Disney TW / HK official sites. Had taken part in the development of projects for ASUS, HiNet, BUENA VISTA FILM, etc. Travelled through Japan and Asia-Pacific area. Right now living in Taiwan Taipei, working at ASUS. Develop web / graphic designs, and maintain websites for both company and commercial uses.